Sunday, June 6, 2021

🔵Blue & White⚪️Wanda

Karen's blue and white quilt looks like antique flow blue dishes!!! 💙 
Quilt Info:
Maker: Karen, retiring director of Barnabas (Special Needs) Ministry
Pattern: Wanda by Gudrun at GE Designs from her Stripology Mixology 2 book
Size: 51" X 63"
Batting: Quilters Dream 100% Cotton
Thread: Glide--Tar Heel
Quilting: Pyrex Stems from Julie Hirt
Interesting Info: Gudrun taught this quilt pattern as a QAL earlier this year. Karen didn't participate then, but Gudrun posted all her teaching videos together on her blog and Karen was able to watch them there. 

I made two Wandas myself during the QAL. You can see them here.

Karen and her DH have run the Barnabas Ministry at my sister's church for 20 years! They are retiring now. Here's a wonderful article that honors their ministry. Karen should have even more time for quilting!!!
This quilt reminds me of blue and white dishes!!! Here are some decorative balls and a jewel box from Japan. Plus a basket full of Japanese pottery chips we picked up on the beach in Japan on the day after a typhoon--broken dishes that were thrown off ships into the sea, worn down over the sand for many years until smooth, then washed up on the beach with the typhoon.⤵️
Beautiful, Karen!!! Thank you for your years of work with Barnabas Ministries. And happy quilting!!! 

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. Oh the beautiful blue and white fabrics. Love the design. The sashing really sets the quilt off nicely.

  2. The blue fabrics are so vibrant and pretty! I can see why they reminded you of your Japanese items, which are also lovely!

  3. A blue quilt is just so calming to look t! How fun for you to have picked up those broken dishes on the beach and brought them home with you, not so fun going through a typhoon though.

    1. Thanks, Vicki! Typhoons are pretty standard fare in Japan for July through October. There's enough warning of the coming of a typhoon and houses are built for them--there are built in sturdy doors that pull shut over the windows. The next day the sky is the clearest and bluest one has ever seen. 

  4. Love the pottery chips and broken dishes to show off the quilt! Beautiful quilt and the quilting is so complementary! A wonderful tribute and post to people who care about others! Hug

  5. The blues in this quilt are so pretty. A lovely finish.
    Fascinating to see the pottery chips.

  6. What a beautiful quilt!
    We need more people like Dale and Karen - that ministry is sorely needed. Our church offered something similar for almost 40 years, but it was getting harder to keep the "students" interested in coming, and some of the "teachers" had been there almost from the beginning. Thankfully, our town has an active "Community Living" program that advocates for jobs, programs, and education for young and young adults with special needs.

  7. Very pretty quilt, and I love your pink versions too! Beautiful quilting design very delicate, just like chinese porcelain ;)
    Thank you for linking up with "Patchwork & Quilts" link party ;)

  8. I love this and your photo is awesome. Blues are among my favorites and the balls and broken china is really fun!

  9. Karen's quilt is beautiful and so is yours in the pinks. How fascinating to have found all of the blue pottery pieces after the typhoon. Have a blessed week.

  10. I love Karen's blue and white quilt and your Pirex Stems quilting. Such a nice blog posting featuring Karen and her service to Barnabas and your beautiful photography.
    Quilter Bonnie

  11. I enjoy seeing all your potted plants with the quilt hanging outside. And the picture with the dishes is so fun! Thank you for linking up to Show Me Something.

  12. This is stunning. I've always loved blue and white china and this is very reminiscent as you say. Just beautiful!


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