Monday, June 28, 2021🏃🏼

If you're a Blogger and need to change your email subscription service, one way is through "". I just switched to, thanks to their tutorial, "How to switch from Feedburner to"

If you are a reader and are subscribed to my blog, hopefully I moved you over to "" successfully and this has arrived in your email box. There should be no change for you--you're good to go!

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Now, to keep this quilty, Gudrun @ GE Quilt Designs had a FREE quilt along last Saturday, June 26, 2021. Gudrun has perfected the art of hosting a QAL, having hosted SEVEN since the pandemic hit in March, 2020!!! I've thoroughly enjoyed participating in all seven of them! 

If you missed it last Saturday, you can still catch Gudrun's vids and all info about the QAL at her blog, here. Here's the progression of my quilt through the online sessions/classes Gudrun had. I used Japanese fabrics, bought in Tokyo and Sendai, Japan, in a very scrappy mix!

Here are four of my blocks after the first instructions: ⤵️
At this point, we started the slicing, shuffling and squaring up!! ⤵️
My first twelve blocks, done by the end of the last session!!! ⤵️
I did some more piecing later in the evening and the next day, until I had my quilt top with border together!!! ⤵️
The quilting will come at a later date, as I have some other quilts that need attention!

To those of you who follow by email, thank you so much! 

Tell me in the comments below if you're participating in any QALs!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. Thanks for the advice on, Nancy! I'll give that a try!

  2. How odd...I don't have columns on the right side. Gonna check it out in another browser.

  3. Tried safari and right hand column.

    1. For some unknown reason the right hand column takes longer to load. I just timed it on both Safari and Chrome and it took 1 minute 15 seconds longer for that right hand column to load, after the main blog column opened. So go ahead and read the blog. By the time you reach the end, the right hand column with Subscribe, Bio, Archive, Search, Instagram link, etc. should be loaded.

  4. Your quilt is beautiful all scrappy! I'll try to switch over to tomorrow. I hope it doesn't take too long to do:)

  5. Follow it worked for me!
    Beautiful quilt!!! A lovely way to use the fabrics you bought in Japan!

  6. Lovely quilt, pretty pattern!
    I switched to MailChimp and it works for me ;)) Great to have several options to try!

  7. These fabrics have worked really well in this design. It looks great all together.

  8. It is very interesting to me to see a block look so different after cutting it and rearranging the parts. Your quilt is beautiful!

  9. What an interesting design. Pretty cool to make bigger blocks and then cut them up into such a cool top. I’ll have to look into Gundrun’s blog. Great top.


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