Sunday, January 10, 2021

❄️Shibori Snowflakes❄️

Quilt Info:
Maker: Susan
Fabric: *Shibori Yuki Seppen by Debbie Maddy for Moda
Size: 60" X 61"
Thread: Glide--Sky
Batting: Warm & Natural
Quilting: Ginger Ice from Intelligent Quilting
Interesting Info: *"Shibori" is a dye-resist method used to dye kimono in Japan. "Yuki" means "snow" in Japanese. And "Seppen" means "cut-off pieces" in Japanese.
Snowflakes on snowflakes!!! This quilting is called "Ginger Ice": ⤴️⤵️
The backing is this soft, fluffy flannel!⤵️
Susan combined the indigo fabrics with a batik of blue dots on a white background. 
Susan did a great job in designing a quilt that shows off these *"cut off pieces of snowflakes"!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. Another great quilt by Susan! Love the Shibori, and the quilting is fantastic, Nancy. The backing fabric is so fun, too!

  2. This quilt is beautiful, I love the pattern, the shibori and batik fabrics, and this so soft looking backing. Your quilting design is just perfect for this quilt!
    Thank you for sharing ;)

  3. Wow, I really like that snowflake fabric! The quilt is beautiful and as always you did a wonderful job in quilting it.

  4. I really love the fabrics, the design and the quilting. This is my favorite way to enjoy snow!

  5. Assuming this was a panel? Whatever it was it is a beautiful quilt! Hugs

  6. This one is gorgeous. Perfect for Winter. And I love the snowflake design in the quilting..

  7. Just WOW! It's a gorgeous quilt.


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