Tuesday, January 12, 2021

⽊ Timber Gnomies ⽊

Another panel quilt by Susan!!!
Quilt Info:
Maker: Susan
Fabric: "Timber Gnomies" by Henry Glass & Co.
Size: 64" X 74"
Batting: Warm & Natural
Thread: Glide--Medium Brown
Quilting: Mahogany from Intelligent Quilter
Interesting Info: Gnomes are the thing! This super cute quilt includes gnomes and beavers as lumber jacks, plus snowflakes and snowmen! 
A look at the "Mahogany" quilting: ⤵️
A close-up of the gnome and beaver lumberjacks! ⤵️
Super fun quilt, Susan!!!

Grace and peace!! ~Nancy


  1. How cute, and oh my gah that quilting is perfect for it!

  2. Is there a pattern for what surrounds the panel? I love those blocks! I suppose it could be improvised...

  3. Nice that you loaded the quilt sidewise so the quilting pattern "flowed" with his beard. What a cute quilt!

  4. Gnomes are definitely the thing lately! I have to say, in Minnesota-speak - "Oh fer cute!"

  5. I love this! I am so fascinated by everyone's fascination with gnomes. Maybe it is because Snow White got into our subconscious' as children...who knows. I love the way you quilted it...perfect.

  6. Very cute! Lovely quilting. Thank you for linking up today ... :) Pat

  7. Lots of fun in this one - front and back. Great finish.

  8. I really love this one - it has all of my favorite (well add them to my favorite list) of colors! It caught my eye earlier but have not had time to post a comment! Hugs

  9. Panel quilts can be such fun because they are so easy to make. This one looks super cute, especially with your quilting! Thanks for sharing with Wednesday Wait Loss.


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